Thanks to ControlRadioUK for playing Stan’s Music!

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Shoutout to ControlRadioUK! A Huge Thanks for playing Stan’s music in rotation!



Thanks to Control Radio UK for playing Stan’s music in rotation

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From TJ Way :
May 2016 More Music Updates: During my absence, I’ve had stations interest from various Radio stations who are now playing music that I have written on my own, and have co-written with many wonderful songwriters over the years. I want to introduce you to the them, and perhaps you can support me by requesting my music from their websites or Twitter accounts etc. Here are the songs presently being aired on Kiss Intl 107.7FM –
They are:
‘Freedom’ Vocals by TJWAY (Sountrack for Two Nations Movie)
Love is All Vocals by Shelly Rann
Live n’ Let Loose Vocals by Erin Gannon Simms
Pop Star Victim Vocals by Erin Gannon Simms
Kiss Intl 107.7FM Website: http://plKiss Intl 107.7FM Website
e-mail to request my music:

Control Radio UK Is Now Playing the following artists and music in rotation by Erin Gannon Simms Shelly Rann TJWay & Stan Williams Music. Please support us all there too.
ControlRadioUK Website:
Twitter account: @ControlRadioUK

‘All Unsigned FM’ Is Airing ‘FREEDOM Vocals by TJWay in Rotation.
All Unsigned FM Website:
Twitter account: @AllUnsignedFM Cc Ruby Lee Two Nations Casting Two Nations Terry Silverlight Corey Macfadyen – Producer Johnny Serra Chip Martin


Join us tonight at the Black Sheep Network

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Join us tonight at the Black Sheep Network for the top 30 countdown. And my favorite new country music period.I like the music there way better that the stuff I hear on Mainstream FM radio!
People vote for their favorite Independent Country Artist !