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I am honored to be a part of the Movie Two Nations.
Stan Williams: Executive Producer and Production Assistant

Two Nations Movie Website

Two Nations the Movie
Two Nations the Movie


My other websites:

Web Design and open source freebies etc. www.Stanwilliams .net

Artistpromo.net – Free promotion for Indie Artists www.Artistpromo.net

Visit the new website! Aunt Jane Vanzant (Of the Lynyrd skynyrd Vanzants) www.VanZants.net
My other Blog is at www.Stans-Songs.com

Please help Jimmie Vanzant in his battle against liver cancer!

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Please help Jimmie!


My  album  entitled Peace Pipe, (The song  Peace Pipe was  named by Ghost Riders band manager Rick Broyles),  which still isn’t fully finished, was recorded at:
Mira Vista Studios

from Mira Vista Studios It’s Only Money duet Steve Grisham and Gretchen Wilson

Please feel free to suggest genres for the old Peace Pipe music as it has been difficult for me to fit neatly into existing genres on most music sites.

Pug Baker  co-wrote  an album for RCA records with  Journey members Neal Schon and Jonathon Caine, and is the composer of The Terminator theme song.

Stan’s slower music PeacePipe. Featuring   Outlaws Band Blackhawk Band and Ghost Riders band founder, Steve Grisham, engineer and mandolin, and Pug Baker: drums.

Visit my friends FogHat I was fortunate enough to meet and be friends with Lonesome Dave Peverett,

Dave was a great person not at all like the typical rockstar stereotype.
I was a fan from the beginning…

Go Check out FogHat’s Myspace Profile and their music there!

Slow Ride from Foghat on Myspace.


Peace Pipe from Stan on Myspace.


My good friend Bobby G – Blues, Bobby was a member of the Michigan based band Frijid Pink (House of the Rising Sun)

He went on to form the Bobby G band. 

Alone With My Guitar from Bobby G on Myspace.



My Frynd BarryLee Harwood is on Myspace too…

(Chariot – Rossington Collins Band,  Allen Collins Band and many more.)

SOMET Eagle from Barry Lee Harwood – CHARIOT on Myspace.



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The Great Smoky Mountains set to music.

Music by Stan Williams, guitars, slide, bass, keyboards
Featuring Outlaws band and Ghost Riders guitarist Steve Grisham:Mandolin, and Ghost Riders band drummer,Pug Baker:Drums

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This is a personal website that is safe for all ages, so feel free to browse around because new content will be added often.
you never know what you may find, anything from electronics or machinist tutorials to free software and code have been featured here at times over the years, and may be again at any given time.

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17 Responses to Home

  1. Hi Stan, I just wanted to thank you for all of your kindness, it really means a lot to me that you are promoting ROLL FOR ROCK. God bless you. Your music is so lovely, I really enjoy hearing your guitar and I’m super excited to hear you on the flute :) wishing you all the best,peace be with you.

    • Thank you So Muc Anita!! Your kindness is amazing to me!
      I can hardly wait till the flutes arrive! I will let you know as soon as they get here!
      I am Honored to do all I can to promote Roll For Rock, Allens Collins’ last project…

  2. I love your music Stan! I got my kids turned on to it today. its beautiful.. thank you!

  3. Loved it. The photos accompany you perfectly. You are lucky, indeed, to be surrounded by such beauty. (:

  4. Avatar Connie
    Connie says:

    I love to hear you play a tune a wrote .Love your page Stan

  5. We need to play Stan !!

  6. Hi Stan
    Thanks for stopp’n by there. Enjoy the stay, OK. Bunch of great guys there. Make sure you have some coffee though.

  7. Wow! Beautiful music. Just found you Active Melody. Hope to see you hang out there often. 6 stringer over there.

    • Thanks 6 Stringer! That means a Lot coming from a fellow musician! I hope to be over that at Active Melody more often, I like it there so far :)

  8. Thank you for the wonderful music creation of Zora’stheam…very special song to your heart & to my ears. Keep up the great music creation.